Never forget the place where ideas run free – doubtless a little more so and a little better than elsewhere. A place that jealously safeguards its capacity to stay one step ahead of the rest.

The infinitely precise heart of the movement beats steadily on. It is truly incomparable and forever remains “the first”. Nothing can keep pace with it when it comes to dividing time into tiny fractions.It has built its revolution within the walls of its case, relying on its genius, transforming mechanics into prodigious and almost magical feats.

Its name has become an icon that has birthed a collection embodying the pioneering spirit. It is driven by a sense of accomplishment in a quest for absolute reliability. Its determination to remain authentic has made it a legend. It must live up to its pedigree, born of confidence fostered by unbridled intuition. It has not a second to lose in its march to freedom.