There are instruments that lend their help in capturing dreams. A moon? A sun? Definitely a sky in any case. A tribute to those who dare. To those who have dared. A chance to believe in the unbelievable.

It’s time to take a higher view. To defy the laws of nature. To disobey gravity. To revel in the pleasure of those who unfold their wings.

This will imply enlisting support and finding the tools they need to experience this transcendent feeling.

They are within reach. They are the same as ever. The magical complexity of the inner workings is recognisable at first glance, exuding an aura of incomparable reliability. Such are the companions chosen by the most freedom-loving spirits on the planet. Those who never give up, so long as there are new horizons waiting to be explored, and other dimensions to be discovered. A time of dreams come true.